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Inspired by Malevich "Black Square", the artist Gail Klevan - one of the world's foremost acrylic designers - had designed this impressive "Royal Blue Square" pendant.

Each one of these fabulous colorful contemporary designed jewelry and artworks is handmade and individually handcrafted. Therefore, each piece is singular and unique.

This collection contains pieces from one of the most single- minded collections ever. It employs the most remarkable canvases of Kazimir Malevich, the great abstract artist whose ability to combine shapes still has no competitor.

Gail Klevan has analyzed these structures and was inspired by them to create this magnificent and sophisticated collection of artwork.

Blue Square Pendant

$190.00 Regular Price
$171.00Sale Price
  • Hand made Acrylic Pendant Hanging on a sterling silver wire

    40 mm / 40 mm / 10 mm


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